Lottery Instant Tracker

A Complete Solution To Manage

All Instant Lottery Sales



LIT is a quick and easy scanning and online solution to track your instant lottery ticket sales and manage your inventory of instant lottery games.

We are now supporting all the States of USA. Please contact us if you have any queries.

All ticket transactions are linked to a user and viewable by management.

The application instantly maintains inventory of active and inactive games in your store on your scanning device and online.

In a matter of minutes, shifts can be closed with accurate end of shift calculations without human error.

LIT is a scanning and online solution. For a low monthly price, you receive a scanning device, online account access and management features. Simple online billing via your online account allows you to select a variety of billing plans to suite your needs.

Increase variety of games and number of books in your store by being able to quickly scan and calculate sales at the end of shift. Removes human errors in reading ticket numbers, calculating cash and settling end of shift.

30-day notice is required and all equipment must be returned in good condition.

Customer support available via phone, email and additional technical resources are available online via your secure login to our site.


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